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girl credit card on phoneWhy do you need to keep your personal information protected. You know that criminals are out there, just waiting to steal your credit card information. Credit card number theft is on the rise, criminals want credit card information so they can max out your hard eared credit then leave you holding the bags of debt – with nothing to show for it. They live and thrive everywhere even locally you live, but in most credit card information thieves live in faraway lands. Worse yet, they hide and have false identities they live under making it virtually impossible to track them down.


Your thinking to yourself I don’t or I have never traveled outside the country. The problem is the most common way for criminals to get your information is through phishing, which involves a fake email that appears to be sent from your bank or credit card company. Normally, this fake email states that there was an error with your account, or that it was accessed by unauthorized personnel and needs your attention. So follow this link they provide in the false email and login the pages they send you to look legit. Once you fall for this they have ALL your information for accessing your account.



Spotting fake emails isn’t hard to do if you know what to look for. The most obvious hint is you don’t have a credit card from the company that has sent the email. For others, the link is what gives the fake email away. Anytime you get an email from a credit card that you believe to be fake, you should always hover your mouse over the link, then “right click” the link with the mouse and select “view source”. If the link is indeed fake the website address that comes up will be something other than that of a credit card company.


The criminals don’t want you to look at the source for their website, now days they also use link shorting software that codes the website address so you still aren’t sure of name. Once you have clicked on the link, you’ll arrive at a website that is usually an exact copy of a credit card website. Fake sites normally include everything that the actual site does, including the logos and banners. Even for the most amateur of credit card criminals, web pages like this are very easy to create.


Those of you, who have fell victim to this scam, probably realized what you have done and it’s too late. Once you have entered in your credit card information and personal information, you have done exactly what the criminals wanted. Once the criminal has your social security number, bank and credit card information, more than likely will use your information to go on a shopping spree – stealing your money and maxing out your account.


If you receive an email such as this, you should always delete it immediately. Even just clicking on the link or going to the website to investigate, you may do more harm than good. Sometimes thieves do this so they can put viruses or spyware on your computer simply because you clicked on the link. I suggest getting a internet security software like Kaspersky, which I feel is the best on the market for home or business. It is the one I use and have for years. This actually is a good idea for any emails you receive that look questionable avoid this altogether, you should never click on a link that you believe to be a fake company website.


Doing your part and protecting your credit card and personal information is the first step, check out LifeLock and you won’t have anything at all to worry about. Your personal information is very important, and you never want it to fall in the wrong hands LifeLock specializes in identity protection. As long as you have LifeLock protecting it, you will never have anything to worry about. Criminals want your personal information and your credit card numbers – make sure they don’t get it!



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