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So many myths surround credit and credit scores, no wonder so many are confused. For this reason I have started this blog/website for accurate information for everyone to understand their credit, scores and how to bring them up or keep them up. All questions and input welcomed. If you post it make sure its fact not fiction.




I was in the mortgage industry for many years, specializing in FHA, sub-prime loans, & credit. Licensed in 11 states as a mortgage broker I decided to share my knowledge hoping to help as many people understand the credit industry and how it works. There are plenty of free resources on my website as well as on my site. From time to time I still do credit analysis, teach credit seminars and show people how to repair, keep and manage their credit for life.

After the mortgage crisis and collapse and years of helping people with mortgages, saving and restoring their credit. I decided it was time for me to follow my life long dream of becoming a Firefighter. I applied and was hired for an ER tech position, went back to school receiving my EMT-I while working in the ER. I then took a position with a local county 911 ems service working 36hrs on 36hrs off (working ER at night for 12 then on the ambulance for 24). Then I achieved my goal of being hired by the same county’s fire department as a firefighter. I am now blessed with helping save lives as a Firefighter/EMT-I.

Please, share this information with your family, friends, and coworkers.





I also have a handbags, wallet, purses and accessories website. (my teenage daughters idea)

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